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We made it to AFRICAST! The 12th Biennial Conference and Exhibition of Africa Broadcasters Hosted by the National Broadcasting Commission held at Sheraton Hotels Abuja, in November 2018. We were very privileged to be among some of highly influential broadcasters and personalities in the our field. We were humbled by the amount of feedback we got from our exhibited work!

Highlights of the Event

AFRICAST 2018, was a 3 day event. We showcased some of our work and some of the projects we have under the hood.

We were super excited by the quality of feedback we got from the participants and exhibition personnel.

The theme of this event, the dynamics of broadcasting in the digital era. With focus on continuous evolution in the current African media environment. How to ensure the younger generation are involved and interested in homegrown content. Improving focus on the quality of broadcast media and production.

Moving Forward

Looking forward to AFRICAST 2019, we want to move with some of the insights we have draw from AFRCAST 2018. This means we will follow through on f the feedback we received from our exhibits.

Currently, we are working on improving our production process and proceeding to making a new series of programs coming to a screen in front of you pretty

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